Purpose & Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to provide a fast, reliable, safe, and convenient transit ride in the Metro Rail Expansion Corridor. This will link established and emerging activity centers along the existing Metro Rail Line in the City of Buffalo with existing and emerging activity centers in the Towns of Amherst and Tonawanda. The project will better serve existing rail and bus riders, attract new transit patrons, improve connections to/from Buffalo, Amherst, and Tonawanda and support redevelopment and other economic development opportunities. Importantly, it will serve to improve livability by increasing mobility and accessibility in communities throughout the project corridor. The project will:

The need for improved transit service has three main components: (1) the need to serve increased travel demand generated by recent, pending, and future development; (2) the need for high-quality service to key activity centers in the study area; and (3) the need to serve better transit-dependent population segments.