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The project’s intent is to evaluate extending light rail service from the existing Metro Rail terminus at University Station to I-990/Audubon Parkway. The study includes two alternatives exiting University Station: 1) continuing underground along Kenmore Avenue to a portal on Niagara Falls Boulevard north of Kenilworth Avenue and continue at-grade on the surface of Niagara Falls Boulevard to the intersection of Eggert Road or 2) continuing underground along Bailey Avenue and Eggert Road to a portal on Eggert Road near Alberta Drive and continue at-grade on the surface of Eggert Road to the intersection of Niagara Falls Boulevard, at which point the alignment would continue at-grade along Niagara Falls Boulevard to Maple Road to Sweet Home Road, onto the UB North Campus then along Audubon Parkway where it would end near the I-990. See figure 1-1 Project Map for alignment and proposed station locations.

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