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The Project Team welcomes your comments and questions on the Metro Rail Expansion. Metro is currently accepting public comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS).

Submit a Comment on the Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement

We welcome your comments on the Metro Rail Expansion Draft EIS! The public comment period is open from January 24, 2020 to March 24, 2020. Comments may be submitted using the form below. Please note that attachments cannot be submitted through the comment form. Comments with attachments can be emailed to We request that any attachments be limited to a file size of 10 MB. Comments may also be mailed to the address listed below.

You may also use this comment form or the email address to send a question to the Metro Rail Expansion project team or to request special assistance to attend a public hearing.

Disclaimer: Personal information, if provided, may be published in environmental documents that are publicly circulated. Commenters may choose to exclude their personal information.

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